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Brian Wilson going Ham

I though he was wearing a bandana on his face….but nope…just his fucking beard.

holy shit….that thing is way out of control
Brian Pre-Beard Appreciation Post

I miss my honey. This is a long post.

You’re welcome.

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classy brian…….real classy

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Matt Downs says hi :3

Matt!!!!!!!!! :[ i miss him!
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BRIAN WILSON IN CARBONITE. someone take me to this game.
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whoa. what was that?

Bweez: What was what? 

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but of course…

When I referenced timmy to this girl in my class and she said “WHO?” and I was like

wait.. you’re serious…

and then I was like “he is just one of the starting pitchers for the Giants who won the world series. no big deal.”

she told me she hates sports and thinks baseball is boring.

All i wanted was this girl to get away from me

The dude sitting next to me starting arguing to her about how it’s America’s greatest past time  and other very valid points. And the girl tries to fight back.

and I’m like.. what’s wrong with this girl

The dude made a mistake and said something that wasn’t a true fact… and i was like 


the girl finally got frustrated and left. Everyone in class was like



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